Natural beauty, slower pace of life for retirees in Alabama

The state of Alabama has been known nationally for conservative values, its preoccupation with college football and involvement with the national space program, but the state has much to offer to prospective retirees seeking natural beauty, a slower pace of life and a strong business climate.

Quality of life is important to Alabamans, as they will tell you through sugar-thick Southern accents. Much of Alabama is rural, so there are lots of communities with great town squares, friendly people and antebellum homes with sweeping verandas. Among the things that Alabamans relish are friendly neighbors, good home-cooked food, golf, hiking, hunting and fishing, gorgeous gardens, Festivals, traditional music and genteel social events (that often center around the local church). People in Alabama respect their heritage and enjoy the annual Alabama-Auburn rivalry that has been going on for decades.

About 4.5 million people call Alabama home and while business hotbeds like Huntsville and Birmingham continue to attract lots of younger job-seekers, there are many areas of the state that are making a big push to attract retirees. The overall state growth rate during the 1990s was steady, but not earth shattering, so people are still finding out about the advantages of living in Alabama. The average home price statewide is about $124,000; in a metropolitan area like Birmingham, average prices are about $10,000-12,000 higher.

Looking for an affordable, friendly state with a moderate climate and lots of outdoor recreation? You may want to consider one of the four regions of the Great State of Alabama.