Gulf coast region offers oceanside amenities

Like several other states in the Deep South, Alabama enjoys a stretch of gulf coast in the Mobile (metro pop. 518,000) area, also home to the best Mardi Gras party in the state.

Outside of Mobile, the area is rural, but as you cruise your way through the centuries-old oaks and tall pines of Alabama’s scenic woodlands, you’ll feel like you are part of another era. Drop in on a small town restaurant and sample some apple pie and you also feel some of the charm that makes people fall in love with the South.

When you reach Mobile, you’ll be in an energized metropolitan area within minutes of the Gulf of Mexico and situated on Mobile Bay, a popular sailing spot. There are great clubs and restaurants, museums and lively arts. Mobile has done a fine job refurbishing its downtown, making it a lively place to spend time. The Alabama Coastal Birding Trail is an organized series of “hot spots” to watch and enjoy the eclectic species of birds that are attracted to the coast. There are also wildlife tours in the area that give you a different perspective on the area. They bring to life the Old South that Faulkner and other great Southern writers communicated in books.

Of course, there - at the pristine Alabama gulf coast region - are plentiful restaurants, attractions, golf and shopping opportunities. Evaluating all of the region’s attributes, as well as a moderate cost of living, makes the Mobile/Gulf Coast Region an attractive place to consider for long-term retirement relocation.