Simple living in Eastern Arkansas

Eastern Arkansas along the Mississippi Delta region is what economist would term “economically challenged” with many small towns need new infusions of energy, entrepreneurial and civic ideas. The Delta region is farm-based and resembles the Mississippi Delta across the river. A popular recreational activity is fishing in one of the many lakes that dot the region.

Jonesboro in Northeast Arkansas is the largest city in the region and it is the home of Arkansas State University. Compared to other towns in this region, Jonesboro is considered the most prosperous city. Many other towns have older homes waiting to be restored and a low cost of living.

There are three bridges that allow Arkansans to cross the Mississippi River into Mississippi (West Memphis, AR to Memphis, TN; Helena, AR to Tunica, MS and Lake Village, AR to Greenville, MS). Memphis is, of course, home of blues music and birthplace of Elvis Presley. Greenville is the entry to the fabled Mississippi Delta that many blues artists originally hailed from. Across Helena is Tunica, home of cotton farming town-turned-gambling paradise. Cut into the fertile soil of Tunica - one of the most economically challenged towns in Mississippi - is no less than 10 gambling casinos and entertainment venues. This makes the drive through Helena a quite popular route.

But, Helena has also made a name for itself in the past decade as the host of the very popular fall King Biscuit Blues Festival. Other towns in the region also come together as a community to sponsor their own festival, which draw people from all over the state.