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by Lindsey Grossman

I Remember JFK
Do you remember baking powder submarines? Or perhaps the original Easy Bake Oven? Well Ron Enderland does, and he posts about these and other trips down memory lane at his nostalgia blog for boomers called I Remember JFK. Ron says the idea for this blog was literally “a middle-of-the-night inspiration.” With a special gift for recalling snapshot memories from childhood, he sees this site as a great place for those who do not share his recollection abilities. “Blogging is a great way to exercise your writing muscles and you can get a pretty instant response if you hit a chord with people,” he says. “And there’s also a chance to get paid for something you love, which is very nice.”

Ron posts 2-3 times per week, attracting hundreds of readers daily and about 4,000 weekly. A self-proclaimed “professional geek”, Ron is the first to say that you don’t need to know about technology to write a blog. User-friendly, free blog services such as WordPress and Blogger do all the programming for you, offering easy-to-follow instructions for getting started.

I Remember JFK categories include cars, music, clothing, movies, sports, you name it. He even has a special section dedicated to The Beatles. Do you have a nostalgic gem that hasn’t been mentioned? Click on the “Suggest a Memory” link to share your idea with Ron and you just might see it in one of his posts. In March 2008, PC Magazine named I Remember JFK one of “The 10 Best Sites for Baby Boomers.” See what all the hype’s about at

Jane Gassner started her personal blog, By Jane ( in December 2004. “I was a time in my life when I was in a real transition,” she says. And with friends and family spread across the country, she saw this as a good way to communicate with them. But it didn’t turn out that way. “My family and friends have refused to read my blog,” Jane says, “People who don’t blog don’t get it.” So she found friends online who did get it; other bloggers like her, sharing their lives with each other. Since she started blogging, Jane has gone through major milestones from moving to divorce. “That [blogging] has been a lifeline for me,” she says, “My blogging friends have always been there for me.”

About a year and a half ago, Jane came up with the idea for MidLifeBloggers after recognizing her generation’s lack of community and presence in the blogosphere. Jane emphasizes that this site is not for how-to’s and service-oriented content; it’s a place for people to share their life experiences. Other sites might tell you how and where to buy the best jeans. “MidLifeBloggers will be the girlfriend who’s in the dressing room with you,” Jane says. One MidLifeBlogger posts about the first stages of adopting overseas, while another describes her first day back at work after chemo. But you don’t have to be a writer to blog… she encourages everyone to submit, “I’m looking for people who are creating their lives,” she explains, “I want MidLifeBloggers to have good writing and I’ll help you get there.”

Jane sees a lot of people in their 40s blogging, but it’s just now taking off with midlife bloggers, “People are spreading their wings.”

Connect with other boomers and find out how you can submit your writing and art at