Louisiana has much to offer

Many people think of jazz funerals, Cajun gumbo, Pete Fountain and LSU football when they think of Louisiana, but the state has much to offer retirees. In fact, the state is so serious about helping you understand your opportunities, it has formed the Louisiana Retirement Development Commission.

Now, things are a little different in Louisiana.... There are no counties, but rather “parishes” and it has the most unique legal system in America. But, the sites and sound of Louisiana can range from a peaceful, scenic lake-fishing trip amid wondrous wildlife to the revelry of Bourbon Street.

New Orleans (pop. 500,000) is by far the largest city in Louisiana and is driven by the tourist trade. While there are many attractions, good food and the benefits of the highly regarded Tulane University, New Orleans is the retirement destination for those who crave action. The architecture is dramatically affected by Louisiana’s French and Spanish heritage.

Elsewhere in the state are communities that center on Southern gentility, culture and hospitality. Enjoy hunting and fishing in unspoiled terrains, enjoy access to the Gulf of Mexico, golf at championship courses and attend the most interesting hometown festivals in the South.

Featuring one of the lowest tax burdens in America, fantastic cuisine, incredible outdoor recreation and outstanding cultural attractions, friendly people and a cosmopolitan - almost European - atmosphere, Louisiana offers retirees the opportunity to craft a unique lifestyle.