Hospitality makes Mississippi an inviting option to retirees

Mississippi is a Deep South state that has thrown the hospitality door wide open to retirees from other states.

From the Gulf Coast that is rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina to the rolling hills of northeast Mississippi, Mississippi is a lightly developed state full of history, small towns, affordable living and friendly people.

Notice the thick Southern drawl and polite ways throughout the state. Picnics, festivals and church are extremely important. Weddings, reunions and even funerals are expansive social events. Being neighborly and civil to your neighbor is still important. The state is conservative and religious, but, interestingly, some of the greatest literary minds in history - Walker Percy, Eudora Welty and John Grisham - all hail from the state.

There is a certain class of people throughout the state that could live anywhere, but choose the gentility of Mississippi. If you are seeking it, you will find a creative and arts intelligentsia in the state class. Don’t mistake the syrupy drawls and an emphasis on Leticia Baldridge etiquette for a lack of sophistication.

Mississippi is of the poorest states in the United States. But, this makes living in the state very affordable. Many locations have great old historic homes just waiting to be restored. The state has many quaint small towns that welcome retirees. If you like outdoor activities, Mississippi offers many opportunities for boating, skiing, fishing, hunting and hiking. The state has a moderate climate, friendly people and good healthcare.

Sound good? Mississippi is a state you should investigate.