Gulf Coast Retiree Partnership

Location: Gulfport, MS

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Retirement has traditionally been defined as withdrawing oneself, but on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, were redefining retirement. We see it not as a time to withdraw, but instead as a time to immerse oneself in all the wonderful things life has to offer. Our new and improved definition of retirement includes affordability, convenience, fullfillment, funand much more. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is a Certified Retirement Community, one of only 21 in the state.

We welcome everyone to visit for the first time or to return to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and enjoy the uniqueness of its cuisine, arts, history, cultures, sports, recreation, beaches, entertainment and good ole southern hospitality. As a bonus, visitors will be captivated by breathtaking sunsets as they drive, walk or ride along the Mississippi Sound (Gulf of Mexico).

Excerpted from Resilient PeopleThe Mississippi Gulf Coast by Hermolee Lee Thomas Barnes, a Hometown Ambassador for the Gulf Coast Retiree Partnership.


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