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Location: Cookeville, TN

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Location has always favored Cookeville. Chosen for its two springs and its central spot in the new county of Putnam, it was chartered in 1856 as the county seat and named for Richard Fielding Cooke, the state senator instrumental in founding the county in 1854. The town grew but the Civil War cut short its development.

The routing of the Nashville and Knoxville RR (later the Tennessee Central) through Cookeville in 1890 greatly stimulated its prosperity. The rails carried out products of its farms and forests and brought in manufactured goods. After the TC built a depot west of the square, businesses and residences sprang up nearby, giving Cookeville two commercial districts, Westside and the Square.

Cookeville was in the right place when U.S. Highway 70 N in the 1930s, Interstate 40 in the 1960s, and U.S. Highway 111 in the 1990s were routed through or near it. The superhighways spelled the demise of the rails but put Cookeville on the map as a commercial center. The community began attracting light industries in the 1960s, bringing about a healthy diversification of the economy and ensuring Cookevilles position as the industrial center of the region.

American Bank & Trust

Bank of Putnam County

Citizens Bank

Clayton Bank

Community Bank

First National Bank

First Tennessee Bank

Jackson Bank & Trust

Progressive Savings Bank

Putnam 1st Mercantile Bank

Regions Bank

U S Bank


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