Hometown Mississippi Retirement

Location: All, MS

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Website: http://www.visitmississippi.org/retire/

As you drive through Mississippi, your tires will hum along pavement that winds through some of the prettiest countryside you'll ever see.

Take your time and drive slow enough to appreciate all the small towns you pass through along the way, because eventually you'll roll into one that captures your heart... one that just feels like home.

Across the state you'll see scenes that Norman Rockwell could have painted. Giant shade trees. White painted houses, yards freshly mowed. Brilliant sunsets and lightning bugs at dusk. Here, you'll find millions of acres of timberlands, water and wildlife. Year-round golf, hunting and fishing. Fabulous cultural and educational centers, and world renowned medical facilities.

Mississippi has everything you need to start a brand new journey. A journey of self-discovery. A journey you have waited a long time to make. It's a journey that's well worth the taking... with plenty of new neighbors to help you feel right at home.

Make Mississippi your retirement destination.


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