Three regions define Tennessee

When you talk with Tennessee residents, they are quick to tell you that there are three distinct and different regions of the state. And, they don’t always see eye to eye on everything. The three regions (East, Middle and West) are defined by the major cities that drive those areas (Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville).

Being close to the Mississipi Delta regions of Arkansas and Mississippi (corners of these states converge at Memphis), this region is typically not as prosperous as the other two areas. Nashville, with its entrepreneurial growth and vibrant country music industry, is regarded as a classic example of the New South city. Nashville is the capital of the state. Knoxville -is the home of the University of Tennessee (UT).

As with most Southern states, many activities in Tennessee center around the outdoors. If you’ve seen fisherman extraordinaire Bill Dance on cable, you will notice that his hat features an orange “T” for UT. He is joined by about 100,000 fans who root for UT in person on fall Saturdays...and also the hundreds of thousands who take advantage of the state’s lakes and streams. The mountainous east Tennessee region is a haven for those who want to live in the mountains at a reasonable cost. Activities also include hunting, horseback riding, bird watching, whitewater or canoe rides or hiking.

When you think of the state outside of these major cities, you find small town communities, proud people and a sense of heritage.