Ghost of Elvis alive and well in western region

Memphis is home to the late, legendary Elvis and the birthplace of W.C. Handy. The city is a cosmopolitan place that has seen resurgence in its downtown in the past five to 10 years. First, the classic 1930s-era Peabody Hotel was restored to its original splendor. Then, nearby Beale Street was transformed into a very popular entertainment district, featuring clubs with names like “Rum Boogie Cafe” and “B.B. King’s Place.” Additionally, the city built a new baseball park for its AAA Memphis Redbirds in the downtown area. So, now, where once you could only hear the horn blasts of tugboats up and down the Mississippi River, you can now hear the bustle of crowds, lively music and the cheers for the Redbirds.

Memphis University and Rhodes College also attract students from the general region and are a great resource for the city. Companies like Federal Express and Autozone provide business leadership. Recently, the city was also chosen as a new home for the NBA Vancouver Grizzlies, which are playing in the downtown Pyramid downtown venue. This home of the blues is also famous for its bar-b-que and Graceland, the well-traveled former home of the “King of Rock and Roll.” Travel about an hour south and you’re enjoying the buffet and gambling tables at Tunica, MS.