Think BIG in Texas

When you think of Texas, you are talking about a state bigger than many foreign countries. Think BIG!

If you love the great outdoors, you will love retiring to Texas. There is something for all tastes, including beautiful hills and lakes, a huge gulf coast and a gorgeous mountain range. The state can be divided into 7 sections: Panhandle Plains, Big Bend Country, Hill Country, Prairies and Lakes, Piney Woods, South Texas Plains and Gulf Coast.

Sparkled amidst the diverse Texas Landscape are the three major metropolitan areas of Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Houston, three of the largest 10 metropolitan areas in America. From 1990-2000, people continued to move to these areas in droves. During this time, Dallas grew 18 percent to 1.18 million residents, San Antonio grew 22.3 percent to 1.15 million residents and Houston grew 19.8 percent to almost 2 million residents. Texas as a whole, however, grew faster at a 22.8 percent rate to 20.9 million residents. This means 3.9 million people became Texans during the 1990-2000 period!

Interestingly, three totally-different metropolitan areas in Texas were among the 10 fastest growing in America from 1990-2000. The McAllen-Edinburg-Mission MSA near the far southern tip of Texas grew at a rate of almost 50 percent to 570,000 to be the fourth fastest growing area. The other two MSAs with growth over 40 percent were the Austin-San Marcos MSA in the beautiful Texas Hill County and the Larado MSA in far South Texas.

Texas is home to slightly over 2 million folks 65 and older, roughly the population of Nevada. Many retirees find the warm climate, open spaces, diverse cultures, colorful history and lack of a state income tax a strong attraction. Certainly, there is something for everyone in a state that brought us LBJ, JR and, most recently, George W.